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Using ISO 27001 to support DORA compliance

TheDigital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)is a new regulation in the European Union that aims...

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Why an environmental management system is becoming a “must have” for all businesses

Canary Wharf Group has joined with 411 major corporations worldwide incommitting to a...

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Not all information is digital

Not so long ago a colleague went for a meeting with a company who were implementing an...
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Climate risk Reporting And ISO 14001

UK Businesses must report their climate risks to investors from 2021. Theannouncement by...

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Effective Complaints Handling

I’ve had two great customer service experiences just recently that I thought were worth sharing.

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Not All Flights Are Equal

We all know that our flights cost more when we want more comfort than is offered by economy...

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STEP – what does your new normal look like?

“The New Normal” is becoming the defining phrase for the recovery post coronavirus. There’s an...

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ISO 22301:2019 – What’s changed for business continuity?

ISO 22301 is the gold standard for business continuity management. ISO (the International...
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RIP = Relevant Interested Party

Who is interested in your business? Who do you need to keep happy in order to be successful?


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“Why should we get certified? We got this far without it…”

My friend had just joined a fast growing company to lead their expansion in a new sector. It...
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