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Supporting Growth

We help small businesses to achieve and maintain the ISO certifications that will enable them to compete for more lucrative contracts.  

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ISO certifications help businesses to grow.

We believe in treating our customers, partners, and suppliers with the utmost respect and integrity, just as we would like to be treated. We understand that the value of our relationships extends far beyond the monetary transactions, as the stories of our engagement leave a lasting impression.



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Let's Get It Done!

Our expertise lies in implementing management systems and obtaining certifications to meet the necessary ISO standards.

As your business grows, you are presented with new opportunities and new risks. You take on more staff, larger customers, more complex, valuable contracts. Knowledge of your business process that was once undocumented but tacitly understood by a small team needs to be formalised and codified into management systems that support the growth of the business.



Collaboration is Key.

We specialize in implementing robust management systems and guiding businesses through the certification process for relevant ISO standards. But it doesn't stop there. We go beyond certification; our audit services are designed to continuously enhance and refine systems over time.

Morton McCann helps businesses to understand their management system requirements, and then to implement systems to internationally recognised ISO standards. To assist with the maintenance of certification, we also provide Internal Audit as a service; especially valuable in smaller businesses, who may not be able to dedicate staff to this.


Quality Management

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Business Continuity Management

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Why Morton McCann?

ISO certification is internationally recognized, enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining processes. It helps navigate complex industry regulations, sets your business apart, and enhances credibility. ISO standards also foster a culture of quality, boosting employee morale and productivity. Partner with us at Morton McCann to propel your small business towards success. Contact us today to explore how ISO certification can transform your business!

Steve Rudland ISO Specialist in UK

Steven Rudland


Steve Rudland has spent his career in small-medium businesses, providing technology solutions to public sector and other regulated businesses. As requirements became more complex, so did the expectations of quality, security, and resilience. In recent years organisations have been taking their environmental responsibilities much more seriously, and they expect their supply chain to do the same. Having independently verified management systems boosts a business’s credibility and provides the assurance that an organisation needs when selecting its suppliers. Having implemented standards such as BS5750, ISO9001 14001, 22301, and 27001 at various employers Steve set up Morton McCann in 2018.

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Welcome to a partnership that goes beyond business—it's about growth, integrity, and a shared commitment to excellence.